About BeingOne

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Being One believes that every individual should be empowered to live a healthy, productive and dignified life. We empower individuals, communities for sustainable development. Presently, we work on different aspects, with the prime focus to make a drug free society. We believe that drug addiction is a termite for the society, which ruins the individual, families and the society. Being One organized Anti-drug awareness camp to educate the participants about the ill effects of the drugs. This camp was organized in collaboration with SOS Children’s Village Jammu, especially meant for the women. Women can play vital role in making a drug-free society especially by educating their children regarding this problem. In the camp women participated actively by clarifying their doubts and getting answer to their queries. Being One distributed pamphlets expressing the facts about drug abuse. Women were educated how to keep their children away from drug abuse. All the related facts, myths were shared among the participants. A small skit was also presented to flow the message about the drug abuse and its ill effects.